Take Action

Join with AANA to reform regulations that prohibit CRNAs from practicing at the full scope of their education, training, experience and licensure.

Support the October, 2017 executive order “Protecting and Improving Medicare for our Nation’s Seniors” #13890

This order fosters a path for CRNAs to provide care to the full extent of their capabilities without the unnecessary regulation that now exists. Share your comments with colleagues and those involved with reviewing current regulation

Review your state’s laws

18 states have opted out of the CMS provision that restricts CRNAs in providing care on their own. Contact your legislator to ensure CRNAs have the right to practice at full scope in your state.

Advocate for better VA care

Even though the VA employs 900 CRNAs, they are not currently approved to practice at full scope, exacerbating treatment delays. Contact your legislator or Veteran’s Administration leadership.

Contact us at AANA

As the professional organization representing the country’s 50,000 CRNAs, we would be happy to provide information, conversations with AANA leadership and interviews with individual CRNAs.